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Below are brief descriptions of current DemandPlanning.Net customized workshops, available through the web or on-site at your location. Please visit our e-learning section for self-paced courses, and our events section for upcoming seminars.

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Workshops and Seminars

DemandPlanning.Net offers on-site workshops at your location, Web Workshops and Training Seminars conducted in a public training facility to bring in participants from many companies. The training sessions are offered under the following broad tracks.

Demand Planning & Forecasting

Demand Planning is the art and science of accurately forecasting the demand for your supply chain. In these series of workshops, you will learn how to develop a baseline statistical forecast and leverage a collaborative process to add customer intelligence... Read more

Supply Chain Metrics

This workshop will review the gamut of organizational metrics for a manufacturing supply chain . We will discuss the mechanics as well as organizational ownership of these measures. This workshop will explain how these measures are inter-related and the effect of organizational bias on the observed metrics and a model of how we can align incentives. Read more    

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Does your organization have a financial forecasting process that is distinct from your supply chain planning process? This could potentially result in a disconnected supply chain plan, causing sub-optimal inventories and inferior customer service. Implementing an efficient and cost-effective Sales and Operations Planning Process brings together all elements of Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations into one integrated set of plans. This integrated planning forum greatly enhances communication of key market and customer intelligence into the supply chain. Read more

Demand Forecasting in SAP APO

SAP APO is a popular supply chain planning tool among many Fortune 1000 companies today. APO is a powerful tool that can help you create better demand forecasts and finished goods plans, when properly implemented together with appropriate training for the planning professionals.

The APO DP training offered by DemandPlanning.Net is a comprehensive three day...Read more

Supply Chain Collaboration

Collaborative forecasting and replenishment activities extend an organization’s supply chain to include both the suppliers and the customers. In this session, we will review the various collaboration initiatives that are fairly common in the CPG sector and their key benefits to the manufacturer's supply chain... Read more

Inventory Optimization Onsite Workshop

The objective of this workshop is to review the close link between forecast accuracy and inventory optimization and discuss the implications of forecast error for inventory strategies – Lead time uncertainty, safety stock, and planning to forecast.  The workshop will also look at the mechanics behind the various demand metrics.  Read more

Retail and POS Forecasting

In the Strategic Forecast process, the retail take-away is a key input. We incorporate the effects of changes in Market share, consumption patterns, and inventory cycles to model a shipment forecast. Hence this is a demand-driven pull forecast. This workshop will explain how demand forecast is modeled as a function of point-of-sale consumption forecast and changes in retail inventory. We explain the mechanics of obtaining and using syndicated POS data from sources like Nielsen's and IRI. Read more

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