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Consulting Client Testimonials

This section contains select quotes from previous Consulting Assignments. 

Demand Planning & Demand Process improvement:-

" I want to thank you for your assistance in the quick implementation of the Forecasting software. I have worked with small companies and large multinational Fortune 100 companies both using and managing forecasting software. It is remarkable that the implementation of the software took only one month and offered outstanding accuracy in results. This is by far the easiest forecasting tool I have come across and saves many hours of monthly workload. Demand Planning LLC staff were readily available to assist with questions and set up. In short, both senior management and I are very impressed with the implementation, service, and results. I wish I had found you sooner!"

-- Director of Supply Chain at Jif-Pak Manufacturing.

Demand Planning in SAP APO & Demand Process improvement:-

" Demand Planning LLC more than met my expectations with the Demand Planning Certification and Training session. The facilitators did a great job with a diverse set of attendees from my team, and were able to weave technical skills with business-focused learnings. Even with 15+ years, I was able to identify key takeaways to use to improve our processes, while my team was able to learn valuable lessons. "

-- Director of Demand Planning & Executive S&OP at American Tire Distributors Inc.

Demand Planning in SAP APO & Demand Process improvement:-

" Your objective diagnosis & suggestions have been a titanic help. I look forward to us working with you again after some fundamentals are in place. It's good that these improvements are occurring now because they provide me a chance to learn through practical experience. Also, your Demand Planning Net forums are tremendously helpful because it's like talking to an interactive textbook."

-- Jeyur Patel, Group Vice President, Venus Group companies.

Demand Planning in SAP APO & Demand Process improvement:-

"Demand Planning LLC has an amazing ability to morph into employees of the company and tackle challenges head on. As a team they delivered on their commitments and institutionalized a new Statistical forecast process that fit within the business constraints.

Demand Planning LLC has an uncanny ability to spot problems before they occur and gave world class training in terms of demand planning and statistical forecasting.

A Must Hire if you are struggling with end to end SAP/APO Statistical forecasting processes & methods."

-- Project Leader, Honeywell, Golden Valley, MN.

Demand Planning in SAP APO & Demand Process improvement:-

"I like the facts of the system, processes reconfiguration and redesign, supported by the hands-on training. Secondly, benchmarking against best practices in the industry is really helpful to gauge our processes against.

 I liked the outcome of the training for my business and how it expanded the capabilities of my team; Great job, guys! "

-- Demand Manager, Honeywell, Golden Valley, MN.

Sales Forecast Analyst, Ghirardelli Chocolates, San Leandro, CA.

"Mark & his team from Demand Planning LLC did a phenomenal job when they came onsite to help us with our statistical model tuning in SAP. We are now implementing the stat models in our forecasting process, and on our way to increased forecast accuracy. Additionally, we did have some SAP APO system limitations and Mark still managed to find a work around solution to enable the lifecycle planning process for our company. He is an expert in this field, and very resourceful. Our company will be using him for future logistics projects due to the great success we’ve had!"

SAP APO DP Diagnostics, Coleman July 2012

We provided a quick Diagnostic of the statistical modeling and forecasting process at Coleman company using SAP APO Demand Planning Module.   This resulted in many quick wins for Coleman and helped them improve forecasts on their highly seasonal product lines.

See what the client has to say. 

".....Mark Chockalingam was able to engage the entire team of planners in this effort and get them excited about statistical modeling.

Coleman was quite pleased with the results from this project and the value received for the investment. We look forward to working with them on future SAP demand planning projects whenever the need arises." 

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S&OP Quick Diagnostic, Aerospace Client. 2012

"We are pretty pleased with the Demand Planning Detailed Work Instructions project. The Demand Planning Net team provided some valuable diagnostic findings for our SIOP team to review and improve upon. Their work provided a solid baseline process for us to work from. The Workflow and training documentation are outstanding and they will serve as a ready reference for the demand planning group. We look forward to working with them on future projects."

VP of Demand Planning, Fortune 500 client  

S&OP Process, Grace Kennedy Foods. 2011

We provided a quick Diagnostic of the S&OP process for Grace Kennedy Foods. This resulted in a substantial re-design of the process and management has since implemented many of the DemandPlanning.Net recommendations. See what the client has to say. 
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Food and Beverage Company 2, 2011

Company working with Dr. Mark Chockalingam in 2011

"Helps us to assess where we are now and what is required to improve the process"

"Very useful in clarifying process requirements for an important input to the service management"

"Was a good platform for us to go to our companies and tailor to our particular needs"

"A very good workshop; the next step will be to decide on the general approach to be taken"

Food and Beverage Company 1, 2010

Company working with Dr. Mark Chockalingam in 2010

"The moderator was extremely prepared and really knew the topics. He also made it very entertaining. This is a process that is extremely relevant to our business. I feel the entire team is leaving this session with a full understanding of the subject discussed"

"Learned new skills and use of tools to help ensure a more accurate forecast."

"Mark was very enjoyable during the workshop. He took his time and everyone was on the same page throughout. Thanks Mark"

"I enjoyed being able to implement the new learning on the spot. I learned a lot from this training session...much more helpful then the first time we received training in strataview."

"Very informative ,and material was presented in a very consistent flow with hands on exercises to enforce newly acquired skill sets. Mark did a great job."

"I thought Mark did a great job with the two groups. I have only been forecasting for two months and wasn't sure how to navigate through the system. After going through the training, I now have a much stronger understanding for the system as well as expectations."

"Thanks for a fantastic session yesterday. It brought home a lot of insights gathered through my consulting career and helped connect the dots. I will definitely recommend this to my colleagues in our firm/practice."

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