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Workshop Attendee Testimonials

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Demand Planning & Sales Forecasting , Boston, MA 2-Day Workshop, Sep 19 - 20, 2018

"The course moved at a pace that kept my attention but also allowed me to follow along. I have found the material to be beneficial and will be applying what I learned to my role."

Demand & Network Optimization Analyst at Tremco Inc.

"The workshop was very informative and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was successful in refreshing many key concepts and I was able to come up useful insights to implement"

Senior Demand Planner at Prestige Brands.

"A very informative workshop in which I learned many tools to help my company develop and maintain accurate forecast models."

Inventory/Forecast Manager at Tremco Inc.

Inventory Management and Optimization, Pune, India 2-Day Workshop, June 22 - 23, 2018

"It is very useful workshop which relates our inventory management needs & how to optimize it."

Manager Planning at Chep India

"Found effective and useful to curtail inventory levels & inventory carrying cost."

Manager-Production Planning at Ajanta Pharama Ltd.

"The instructor has Phonomenal command on subject."

Manager, Chep India Pvt. Ltd.

Demand Planning & Sales Forecasting , 2-Day Workshop, May 15 -16, 2018

"Demand Planning LLC more than met my expectations with the Demand Planning Certification and Training session. The facilitators did a great job with a diverse set of attendees from my team, and were able to weave technical skills with business-focused learnings. Even with 15+ years, I was able to identify key takeaways to use to improve our processes, while my team was able to learn valuable lessons."

Director of Demand Planning & Executive S&OP at American Tire Distributors Inc.

Inventory Management and Optimization, Pune, India 2-Day Workshop, Nov 1 - 2, 2017

"Really a good interactive workshop. Sales/Marketing teams should attend such workshop to understand the importance of forecasting / Inventory Management constraints."

Manager SCM at Mitsubishi Electric

"Workshop on Inventory was very interactive as well as meaningful with sufficient knowledge transfer and stuff provided for reference. Even knowledge transfer by facilitator was excellent. Looking forward to interact in future."

Sr. Manager Supply Chain at Lupin

"The way of conducting workshop is excellent. It is not like the usual workshop where most of the time goes in discussion. In this workshop we have technical learning and simulations."

Sr. Manager, New Product Launch at Lupin

"Session was very good and practical. It will be good for actual practices. "

Manager SCM at Mitsubishi Electric

Demand Planning, Chicago 2-Day Workshop, Oct 11 - 12, 2017

"This class was a great grounding in demand planning principles and will help my company to reset in some areas where we have added unnecessary complexity."

Director- Supply/Demand Planning at Michael Foods

"Great opportunity to step away from the daily grind and get a reminder of the big picture process and of best practices. Appreciated the structural encouragement to chat and network with our peers from other companies."

Demand Planning Analyst at Keen Footwear

"Great course. Some difficult concepts broken down too easy to learn steps in practical application. Definitely would recommend this course."

Sr. Int Demand Planner at Arthrex Inc.

"This was my first workshop and it was a very positive experience. The small group environment made it easy to interact and get to know a few of the participants. The dynamic presentation style was also great. I was not only hearing up from the lecturer but also from my fellow participants. Great job ! "

Demand Analyst at Delonghi America Inc.

"Easy to understand and simple real life examples for some hard concepts in demand planning that cannot be acquired through a book. The class is a must for anyone wanting to understand stat forecasting. "

Sr. IT Analyst at Kraton Polymers

Demand Planning, Chennai 2-Day Workshop, Feb 16 - 17, 2017

"Good workshop to know depth and width of Demand Planning."

Sr. Engagement Manager at Flipkart

"Was a very useful workshop. I will go back and apply the concepts learnt here at my workplace."

Sr. Manager at Flipkart

"Really good training. It was a great experience to be a part of Demand Planning workshop"

Supply Chain Manager at Daikin Airconditioning India Pvt. Ltd.

"Workshop will result in more satisfying workplace and less burnout."

Demand and Distribution Planner at Aditya Birla Group

Demand Planning, Boston 2-Day Workshop, Oct 19 - 20, 2016

"Seminar was very useful and enjoyable. I learned a lot about different theories and models which I will apply in the workplace Highly recommend it."

Demand Analyst at Pure fishing

"Great Course .Received good clarification and understanding of terms, processes. Lots of information to take back and out into practice."

Demand Planner at Newell Brands - First Alert

"Very good representation of demand planning, helped evaluate the process followed by our team and are that need improvement Size of the group was perfect for interaction with others Steve senior manager demand planning ."

Sr Manager Demand Planning - Pure fishing

"Excellent class covering a broad range of important and relevant topics in an easy to understand way. Practice cases and examples further modified understanding. Highly Recommend."

Demand Planning Manager at Mars Petcare

Modeling Metrics in SAP APO, Boston, MA, Oct  21, 2016

"Good review at how APO works, learned a lot about the system limitations and set up"

Sr Manager Demand Planning Pure Fishing

"This definitely helped. I am excited to play with the stat models when I get back .I would not hesitate to recommend it to you guys.."

Demand Planner Sabra Dipping Company

SIOP Workshop, Boston, MA, Oct  21, 2016

"Exceeded my expectations. Fruitful for future leaders as well as current leaders ."

Manager Demand Planning

Advanced Demand Planning, Boston 2-Day Workshop, May 25 - 26, 2016

"This Workshop was very well organized and the leaders involved the group to share how each business works and uses the concept"

Demand Manager at ICL

"Great Workshop! I was happy with the level of details. I am looking forward to take some of the discussed techniques back to my company."

Demand Planner at Callaway Golf Company

"Valuable information about how your demand planning tool works and it can influence your organization."

Demand Planning Manager at Delhaize America

Advanced Demand Planning, India 2-Day Workshop, Feb 22 - 23, 2016

"One of the best training I ever attended ,I thank the whole team especially Mark sir"

SC officer at Komatsu Me

"Eye opener for Demand Planning Process."

Director, Planning at Flipkart

Demand Planning & Sales Forecasting, Chicago 2-Day Workshop, Oct 14 - 15, 2015

"Mark's presentation style was highly engaging, thought provoking and useful. Highly recommend this seminar!"

Purchasing Dept. Manager at AFX. Inc

"Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this workshop. Excellent mix between technical and business topics which makes this workshop a must for Demand Planners."

Demand Planning Manager at Borden Dairy

"Excellent 2 day workshop. Technically comprehensive and easy to grasp all concepts through both theory and hands on experience."

DVP Planning and Inventory Management at Holt Renfrew

"Helpful concepts and good overall review. Can apply some new measurement techniques to reporting metrics"

Forecast Analyst at Weber Stephen Products

"A great seminar that all Demand Planners should experience to take charge of their careers and Demand Planning experiences"

Demand Planning Manager at Armored Autogroup

Modeling Metrics in SAP APO, Chicago , Oct 16, 2015

"Great understanding of models and stat forecasting in SAP. Good workshop! It was very helpful tool in better understanding and accessing greater capabilities in SAP APO modeling."

Forecast Analyst at Weber Stephen Products

"I liked the extra knowledge offered from their practical experience that isn't easily accessible or generally published. "

Finance Manager at Abbott

Demand Planning & Sales Forecasting, Boston 2-Day Workshop & CADP Certification Exam May 20 - 22, 2015

"The overall structure of the workshop worked very well was a mix of theory with real world examples. I am new to demand role and this course is very helpful with learning the core concepts of demand planning."

Manager Sourcing and Network Strategy at Pfizer

"This course was well worth it. The Demand Planning Team presented perfectly. I learned a great deal and even laughed a lot. Highly recommended!."

Senior Sales Operations Analyst at iRobot

"Instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable. Quick to provide more detail if a concept was unclear. Forecasting at Amway is more aligned with Strategic Planning and plays more of a consultation role rather than a supply chain role, so it was interesting to hear struggles of more supply chain focused forecasters."

Senior Forecast Analyst at Amway

"Good mix of theory, math logic, and work examples. Demand Planning LLC team was very professional and presentation material were very well prepared."

Senior Supply Chain Executive

"This class provided me valuable information that will help me in my job. Workshop was informative and engaging."

Demand Planner at Partylite

Certified Analyst in Demand Planning (CADP), Mumbai, India, Feb 27, 2015

"I was really waiting to use the title CADP against my name. You will be happy to know that though I paid for the full training myself, my employer is reimbursing me the training cost after I shared the depth of knowledge I gathered from the training and certification program in Mumbai.
My employer will be more proud once I share my result with them tomorrow. Now, I can more proudly share about the benefits of the training as I am CADP certified now :)
If I am not mistaken, I am the first CADP from Bangladesh. Thank you once again to all behind the training organization and for your excellent training sessions in Mumbai."

Towheed Chowdhury, our First CADP certified Professional from Bangladesh

"Thank you for the wonderful result. I personally consider your course and exam as elitist and the outcome to be extremely value adding to my profile. The whole experience was challenging and the exam questions were very intelligently framed. Looking forward to more interaction with you and Demand Planning LLC."

Viswanadham, CADP certified Professional Feb 2015 Mumbai, India

Demand Planning and Forecasting 2-Day Workshop & SAP APO 1-Day Workshop, Chicago, IL Oct 16-18, 2014

"Great mix of conceptual and technical learning. Would definitely put them in practice in my company. Dr. Chockalingam and his team are very knowledgeable and presented the material in an easy to understand format. I would recommend this workshop to any demand planner who wants to learn more about the best practices and ways to improve the demand planning process in their organization."

Demand Planning Analyst at ACH food Companies

"Mark is able to blend demand planning expertise with strong APO-DP knowledge to give succinct, practical guidance on how to use Demand planning most effectively."

Director Operations and Planning, ACH Food Companies

Practical Sales & Operations Planning 2-Day Workshop & Demand Driven Forecasting Workshop - Boston, MA Sep 16-18, 2014

"It was an informative, yet fun seminar. I have learned quite a few things and think that I can own the S&OP process."

Purchasing Coordinator at La Cuisine International

"Great Seminar! Participated in the seminar to bring our S&OP to the next level."

Head of Marketing and Business Development at La Cuisine International

"I loved the workshop and gained a number of valuable insights from it."

Mgr. Production Planning and Forecasting at Benjamin Moore

Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting 2-Day Workshop & SAP APO 1-Day Workshop - Boston, MA May 21-23, 2014

"Excellent presentation, good lectures, and a good balance between practical and theory."

Demand Manager at LACIPC

"Best one day workshop of APO DP concepts and tool knowledge I've attended. A very good hands-on experience of stat forecast tool in APO DP, which covered all the large concepts. DPLLC team took time to explain concepts besides the tool."

Process Lead - Demand & Supply at Mead Johnson Nutrition

"Opened a whole new horizon of knowledge of what I can do with APO."

Sr. Demand Planner at Oakley

"Very helpful in understanding kep concepts for forecating."

VP Operations at Cupfsa

"Excellent material given to us during the workshop. This information and new concepts will help us reorganize how our models are being applied to group of items to improve forecast accuracy and reduce forecast errors."

Demand Planner at Cupfsa

"This course was well organized and targeted the basic to most advanced users. Speakers are very knowledgeable to answer questions about real business situations."

Regional Supply Chain Manager at Future Electronics

Demand Planning and Forecasting 2-Day Mumbai, India Feb 20-21, 2014

"The workshop was interactive and insightful. Learned new and practical concepts in forecasting ,which I would love to implement in my business."

Demand Planner at Henkel India

"A lot of brainstorming and ideas into statistical demand forecasting. A very important value add for business and demand planner role. A great exposure and learning platform."

Demand Planner at ITC

"Attending the workshop has given me the required knowledge and skills to address burning issues related to demand planning in my company."

Manager Business Strategy and Planning at Smiths-Medical

"Excellent work in teaching all aspects of demand planning and various other tools to measure the performance. Outstanding experience!! "

Manger Demand Planning at Glenmark Pharmaceutical Ltd

"Session was  very interactive with a mix of both theory and practical. Learned many new things which will add value in my function and also add value to my organization."

Sr.Manager Demand Planning at UPL Ltd

" Enriching experience with examples across different industry. Discussions in the session were simply great enabling us to relate with different scenarios"

Demand Planner at Henkel India Limited

" Excellent workshop about statistical modeling and importance of interaction with sales and marketing to forecasting process."

Demand Planner at Avon Beauty Products India Ltd

Demand Planning and Forecasting 2-Day Workshop & SAP APO 1-Day Workshop Boston, MA Sep  18-20, 2013

"I found this workshop to be very helpful and beneficial. Exceeded my expectations ,would be interested in attending more workshops. "

Inventory and Demand Planning Analyst at Maclean Power Systems

"For someone new to the forecasting industry the workshop provide a great opportunity to acquire new skills and network with my peers."

Business Product Manager at Fujitsu Network Communications

"The technical material learned in this workshop will help our company as we move to modeling in our demand planning. The instructions were extremely knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and were able to offer practical example to apply techniques."

Demand Planning Manager at Topcon Positioning System

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend to people who are interested in improving their forecast."

Principal Consultant at Arkieva

"Great course. Helped to expand on my base knowledge. Instructions were clear and created a relaxed atmosphere for learning. Looking forward to apply this into my forecasting plan."

 Master Scheduler at Perkin Elmer

"Greatly exceeded my expectations. Great mix of practical and statistical discussion."

Senior Planner at L.L. Bean

"Very well run training good facilities and excellent trainers."

Senior Planner at BYK Inc.

"Wow great training and reference material to fall back on. Worth attending. Excellent hands-on training. I am walking away with techniques I can implement today."

Demand Planning Director at Sargento Foods Inc. 

Demand Planning and Forecasting 2-Day Workshop & SAP APO 1-Day Workshop Boston, MA May  22-24, 2013

"Great workshop. I realized that I previously downloaded your white papers from the web and used them to build some of our tools. "

Sr. Planning Manager at NuVasive, Inc.

"Very good information! Good facilitator, captured my attention. Learned new concepts too."

Demand Manager at AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry

"I would recommend this course to my team as it builds good foundation for Demand Planning."

Sr. Demand Planner  at ConAgra Foods

"Mark was extremely knowledgeable and engaging which make the class fun."

Demand Planning Analyst at Bose

"Very interactive session. Worth attending all 3 days. Valuable for new users of APO/DP."

Demand Planner at Bose

Demand Planning and Forecasting 2-Day Workshop
Dallas, Texas Feb 27-28, 2013

"Thanks Mark for a great workshop. You were a strong presenter and I enjoyed the class. A must for any demand planner. "

Sr. Demand planner at T Marzetti Company

"The sequence and the quality of the material exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Mark's workshops to anyone and I will!"

Demand Planning Specialist at Spectrum Brands

"Fantastic learning materials. Instructor is very knowledgeable to put the material in simple terms of necessity."

Sr. Operations Planning Forecaster at Ebro North America

"The size of the workshop was very conducive to the learning experience and allowed for your seminar to tailor lessons to our specific questions regarding forecasting. I would recommend this workshop to anyone with forecasting model issues and questions."

Demand Planner at T.  Marzetti Company

"Helped me to relook at measurements that had not worked in past or been applicable. Facilities were good. Liked the small size, helped that people were from similar industries."

Demand Planner at Ebro North America

"The content of the course has a good materials that are helpful even for demand planners that are now entering this field. The workshop's leader was willing and able to answer relevant questions. Given the small group size, the session was very interactive."

Demand Planner at Caribbean  Development Company Limited

Modeling and Metrics in SAP APO 1-Day Workshop
Dallas, Texas March 1, 2013

"Mark and Rohan provided a well structured hands on learning environment. They were very open to addressing our individual needs which was ultimately beneficial for the entire group. The distributed materials and in-class exercises were highly relevant and directly applicable to demand planning roles across a range of industries. The value added potential of taking this class is immeasurable and
I recommend this class to anyone interested in getting ahead in their career."

Demand Planning Analyst at Spectrum Brand

"Day 3 by far provided the most valuable information to improving the statistical forecast. The first 2 days provided the necessary background."

Demand Planner at Ebro North America

Demand Planning and Forecasting 2-Day Workshop
Shanghai, China December 19-20, 2012

"I learned so much from this demand planning and forecasting workshop. This course will my company to improve our demand planning process and efficiency."

Planning Manager at TopLink

"This course has been very inspirational to me and can be put in good use for my future work, to better facilitate our company’s sales activities as well as production planning. Many thanks to Mark for your great lessons and teachings."

Sales Manager at Azko Nobel

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