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Workshop Attendee Testimonials

This section contains select quotes from past workshop attendees.

NESCON, October 2010

"Good presentation, glad I attended - thank you"

"Positive, enthusiastic speaker"

"Interactive; presenter engaged audience without putting anyone on the spot; didn't rely on slides - very dynamic presenter. Good use of flip charts; liked that the speaker kept in mind the customer"

Sales Planning Director at J&B Group, July 2010

"Thank you for a great seminar! You did a great job giving a broad perspective on demand planning and S&OP while diving into the specifics.

Components of Demand & drivers analysis were very useful to develop the best in class demand model. The workshop had a good balance between technical, Practical."

Consultant, Accenture, January 2010

"Thanks for a fantastic session yesterday. It brought home a lot of insights gathered through my consulting career and helped connect the dots. I will definitely recommend this to my colleagues in our firm/practice."

Demand Management Project Manager, Kraft Foods, January 2010

"I was very pleased to see CPG focused training material."

Manager, Hitachi Consulting, January 2010

"I found the workshop to be relevant and useful. The combination of lecture, exercises, and participant discussion was excellent."

Attendee, Demand Forecasting Tutorial, October 2009

"I had the pleasure attending the Forecasting Tutorial Workshop back in Oct., and would like to thank you for the great learning experience.

The workshop was very informative and hands-on. More importantly, a lot of the concepts and techniques discussed during the workshop can be applied to improve forecast accuracy at my work. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is part of the demand planning process."

Attendee, Demand Forecasting Tutorial, October 2009

"Mark's insights on best practices along with his effective presentation skills made the learning process effortless. With hands-on exercises using Forecast Pro the concepts discussed were enforced. The diverse industries of the attendees and guest speakers along with their unique points of view made the take-aways that much more impactful. Well worth the investment and I would recommend this to anyone just learning DP or someone with more experience looking to gain fresh insights."

Attendees, Demand Forecasting Tutorial, October 2009

"one of the most useful training workshops I've attended. The decomposition of forecast is very helpful to understand the different factors!"

"Interaction with all attendees has been very valuable. Exercises very helpful to improve understanding."

"very informative, great speaker."

Attendee, Boston Based Company, October 2008

"Dr. Chockalingam’s presentation was simple, well organized, easy to follow, and contained plenty of interaction with the class. He knew the material well, and presented it in an interesting manner! Furthermore, the information was highly relevant and practical, and would be very useful in my work."

Attendees, OMTEC 2008

"Mark is a good presenter, with good energy and audience involvement, and he appeared to be well-versed in the subject. His presentation contained a wealth of info on supply chain, lots of food for thought... more manufacturing companies should consider his ideas! This was a great workshop. There was a lot of discussion which is always nice; I would love to attend his future workshops, and would definitely recommend them for others."

Server Demand Planning Manager, HP

"I attended the session to see if I may want to send additional demand planners to subsequent training sessions. I thought the training was well done and will recommend that several others from my team attend this workshop soon."

Attendee, IBF Conference, May 2006

"Good information, some new insights learned to bring back to company. Great examples, good discussion on best practices and ideas."

Demand Planning Manager, Mid-West Based CPG Company, February 2006

"It was a good week of training. It was fun and also at the same time an insightful learning experience. Hope you had a good time too with our team. We would really appreciate your feedback, thoughts and suggestions on our processes."

VP Logistics, Cumberland Swan

"I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and think the learnings will be of value to us. Thank you."

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