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Statistical Modeling in SAP APO

In-House Training Workshop for SAP SCM users

- To schedule this customized on-site workshop, please contact us.

SAP APO is a powerful tool that can help you create better demand forecasts and finished goods plans, when properly implemented together with appropriate training for the planning professionals.

The APO DP training offered by Demand Planning Net is a comprehensive hands-on workshop that will teach your planners both the theory as well as the modeling mechanics. You will have immediate take-aways for your job as a demand planner since we will customize the course with examples from your APO DP implementation. 

On completion of the course, you can take advantage of the many automated modeling strategies available in APO resulting in a more streamlined planning process and organization.

This highly effective planner-oriented training is available in three formats:

Package 1:  Basic Customized workshop – Initial work done through webex and teleconference followed by on-site training for four days

  • You pick a sample of 5 families/SKUs that we will review for system demonstration.  Your team picks the representative sample. 
  • Your group also picks the additional families/skus that each attendee will model on the fly in the class room. 
  • This package includes open modeling sessions in your live APO environment - so you get to improve the Statistical models under our supervision.
  • PRICING - Contact us!

Package 2:  Standard Customized workshop – one pre-visit to your facility to develop custom examples and Forecast profiles.  We develop materials with screen shots and workshop delivery on-site. 

  • We help you pick the skus and build additional illustrations with your products. 
  • The Workshop is conducted over five days. 
  • This package includes demonstration on proportional forecasting, phase-in phase out and trend dampening profiles etc. 
  • Training Materials include screen shots from your Planning Books. 
  • This package also includes open modeling sessions in your live APO environment - so you get to improve the Statistical models under our supervision.
  • On-going support on a monthly basis - first four months after the project free of charge.
  • PRICING - Contact us!

Package 3:  Standard Non-customized Workshop delivered On-site - This is for customers with a small budget or no budget.  This workshop is very similar to the public workshop where we come on-site and deliver standard material with general examples. So how is it different from the public workshop?

  • We will have some on-the-fly modeling sessions in your planning environment.
  • The entire training will be in APO DP.
  • You save considerably on travel costs to fly your planners to the public seminars.
  • PRICING - This is priced at a standard flat fee for the first five students + a set fee for each student over the five student limit.

A sample agenda is available in the workshop brochure available for download at DemandPlanning.Net.

Samples topics in this workshop include...

  1. Introduction to Forecasting: Theory & Practice
  2. Data Maintenance and Adjustments in your APO Planning Book
  3. Leveraging Modeling Profiles for Fast Tracking the Forecasting Process.
  4. Modeling Segmentation for efficient Model Assignment
  5. Modeling in APO DP - Basic Models
  6. Modeling in APO DP - Exponential Smoothing and Holt Winters Models
  7. Linear Regression Models and Causal Models
  8. Proportional forecasting in APO DP
  9. Error Measurement for Model Diagnostics
  10. Uni-variate Alerts
  11. Demand Planning Accuracy Analysis & Exception Management
  12. Graphical Analysis of Data and Statistical Models

View a sample workshop brochure (PDF)

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- For custom pricing and a detailed quote, please contact us.

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