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This page contains frequently asked questions regarding Demand Planning.Net products, services, and policies. If you have a question regarding our products or services that does not appear on this page, please contact us.

For general forecasting questions, please see the forecasting questions page.

Consulting Services

1. How much do consulting services or customized workshops cost?

The fees for services really depend on the project at hand. Please contact us with the details of your project, and we would be happy to reply with a cusomized quote.

2. I have a project in mind. What is the process to obtain your services?

answer... contact us


3. What is the difference between a "hosted" workshop and an "on-site" workshop?

An "On-site" workshop is performed for a specific company's team, at their facilities, and using their data. In this scenario, the company pays a flat fee for the workshop and consultant's expenses, and their entire team is welcome to the training.

A "Hosted" workshop is essentially a public training course, or conference, which uses generic data and materials, and is performed at a public location. In this scenario, the costs of attendance will vary based on ticket price (per attendee) for a specific course, airfare and/or accomodations.

4. Do you provide a certification of any kind?

Upon completion of any Demand Planning.Net course, you are eligible to receive a certificate of completion. However, Demand Planning.Net does not currently perform any certification exams.

5. Do you offer a regular schedule of training courses?

No. There is no regular schedule for our workshop, however, all workshops are advertised on our website and featured on our newsletter. If you are interested in attending a workshop, check back often to learn about dates as they come up, and subscribe to our newsletter to recieve advance notices.

Information and Materials

6. Do you offer any hard copy materials (books, manuals) which consolidate all the information from your website?

We currently have limited quantities of training manuals from our Demand Planning and CPG workshops available for purchase. Other than that, most of our materials are available strictly online.

Business Opportunities

7. own a relevant website and would like to partner with Demand Planning.Net or suggest a link exchange. Where can you place links to my website?

Generally our partner links are located in the resources section of the website, under Professional Organizations, Software, or Conferences, based on their topic.

If you believe your website would be relevant to our readers, please contact us with any relevant details.


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Technical Issues

9. Where are my workshop materials?

Worksohp materials are generally posted about 4 business days after the workshop. When materials are posted, you should receive an email containing your workshop login information, and a request to provide feedback regarding the workshop you attended. Once complete, the feedback form will display the link to your workshop.

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