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Eligibility for CADP certification program

1.Academic and Experience Requirement:

Certification candidates shall have a combined six years of relevant post-secondary education and professional work experience in a demand or supply chain role (finance, marketing, forecasting, sales, inventory management, operations or supply chain management, buyer, etc.)

The following combinations are acceptable:

  1. A BS or equivalent college degree in Business or related fields such as economics, Engineering, Math or Statistics PLUS two years of professional experience as above.
  2. . An associate degree in Business Management PLUS four years of professional experience as above.
  3. A BS or equivalent college degree in any field PLUS four years of professional experience as above.

Notary statement template on our website - we have the right request transcripts on randomly chosen applicants.

  • Example #1: a B.S. in business management plus two years as a planner. (eligible)
  • Example #2: a high school graduate with six years experience in marketing. (ineligible).
  • Example: #3: a B.S. in History and five years experience as a stockroom clerk. (ineligible)

Candidates shall submit, on request, any of the following, in combination as necessary, as verification of eligibility:

(a) resume w/references
(b) referral letter(s) from a current and/or prior employer
(c) official college transcript(s)

2. Training Requirement

A total of twenty hours of blended learning including (class room and online e-learning modules) as follows:

  1. Successful completion of the Two-day workshop on Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting currently offered as an in-person workshop in various locations
  2. Successful completion of Four on-line modules (see content topics)
  3. Participation of the Certification workshop

The above two requirements qualify a candidate to sit for the final certification exam. The exam is four hours long and administered in two parts on the same day. Each part will count towards a 50% weight.

3. Passing the Exam

The candidate shall secure a total of 70% of the eligible points out with a minimum of 60% in each part of the exam.

On successfully completing the final exam, the certification will be awarded.

If the certificate workshop is not complete, then the candidate shall not sit for the exam. The exam fee will be deferred for one year to facilitate the candidate to re-take the 2 day workshop at a discounted rate.

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