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Demand Forecasting Corporate On-Site Training

Demand Forecast Modeling and Metrics to improve your Supply Chain planning

presented by Mark Chockalingam, Ph. D.

  • On-site hands-on Training workshop
  • Includes complete materials and excel calculation templates for the participants
  • You can have up to 15 attendees from supply chain, marketing, finance and Logistics
  • Two days on-site with modeling illustration on forecasting software and case study
  • Your investment is $7995 for the standard workshop delivered in the continental USA. Contact us for pricing a customized workshop to include your custom examples and case study.

Print a complete workshop brochure (in PDF format).  To schedule a customized on-site workshop, please contact us.

Topics Covered:

  • Demand Planning Overview
  • Mechanics of Forecast Modeling
  • Forecast Performance Metrics
  • Collaborative Demand Planning
  • Promotional Planning
  • Consensus Demand Plan
  • Sales and Operations Planning Process

You Will Learn:

  • Formulate accurate baseline models
  • Set up a consensus demand planning process
  • Leverage customer intelligence to increase the accuracy of your forecasts
  • Measure and use forecast accuracy
  • Forecast and plan for new products
  • Reconcile top down forecasts and bottom up demand plan
  • Leverage the Sales and Operations Planning process to improve the supply chain
  • Reduce inventory costs and improve service levels

Detailed Outline of the Workshop:

  • Demand Planning Overview
    • Demand Planning Basics
    • Mechanics of the Forecasting Process
    • Organizational Structure
    • Role of a Demand Planner
  • Consensus Demand Plan
    • Dollarizing the Demand Plan
    • Category Forecasting & top-down Demand Plan
    • Financial Plan and the “Gap” Process
    • Reconciling the bottom up & the top down forecasts
  • Mechanics of Forecast Modeling
    • Forecast Modeling
    • Time Series Methodology
    • Baseline versus event forecasting
    • Unconstrained vs. Constrained Demand Plan
  • Forecast Performance Metrics
    • Mean Absolute Percent Error
    • Forecast Bias
    • What do we learn from forecast error?
    • Introduction to Exceptions Management
  • Collaborative Demand Planning
    • Setting up a Consensus Process
    • Gathering Promotional and event intelligence
    • Evaluating promotional lifts
    • Achieving consensus with Sales Group
    • Customer Collaboration
  • Sales and Operations Planning Process
    • Inventory and operations planning
    • Safety stock and inventory coverage
    • Constrained demand plan
    • Reverse value chain feedback process
  • New Product Planning
    • New product forecasting
    • New products versus Line Extension
    • Pipe line and replenishment Orders

To schedule a customized on-site workshop, please contact us.

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