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Coming Soon: Demand Planning and Forecasting
E-Learning Modlues!
We are introducing educational materials that are available to learn at your own pace. The e-workshop modules are brought to you to enhance your learning of best practices in demand planning and S&OP and other innovative concepts used in global businesses.
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Intro to Forecasting: Models and Metrics Pre-Conference Workshop
Feb 24, 2010
Las Vegas, NV

Demand forecasting is the science of accurately forecasting the cust omer demand for your supply chain as well as for corporate decision making purposes. An accurate demand plan helps you reduce inventory costs and increase customer service levels besides helping the company develop a good financial plan and a profit estimate. When properly implemented and used in the Value Chain planning process, the demand plan helps create a lean and customer centric organization.

In this workshop, you will learn how to...

  • Design and develop statistical models
  • Formulate a baseline statistical forecast
  • Reconcile top down forecasts and bottom up forecasts
  • Measure and use forecast errors

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ForecastFocus Presents: 2nd Annual Business Forecasting & Planning 2010

Leading forecasting and planning experts from various different industries will gather to discuss best-practice solutions to the common challenges we face when trying to forecast in today's business climate.

Forecast Focus have confirmed expert speakers from across the multiple industries including:

  • Vice President, Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Vice President, Finance, Bayer Healthcare
  • Vice President, Ericsson
  • Director, US Finance & Strategy, Wal-Mart
  • Director, Corporate Strategy, McDonalds
    ... And many more!

The dates have been set for our 2nd Annual Business Forecasting & Planning 2010 summit.

Mark your Calendar: February 25-26, Las Vegas!

Demand Planning Net are running a pre-summit workshop on February 24th and as part of the announcement they have released an exclusive whitepaper to ForecastFocus.

Discover 2nd Annual Business Forecasting & Planning 2010!

Boston APICS, in collaboration with APICS-North Shore, WERC, APICS-South Shore, and CSCMP Present: 4th Annual Holiday Networking Event

During this unique holiday event, we will hear very brief comments from the Presidents of the North Shore & Boston APICS Chapters, as well as CSCMP-NERT, WERC, and South Shore APICS updating us with this year's highlights from their organizations. Additionally we will have a number of round table forums where you will learn from discussion leaders and your peers about cutting edge topics...

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From "Business Forecasting When... Trend Is not Your Friend"
by Mark Chockalingam, Ph.D.

In the demand forecasting tutorial in New Jersey, there was a key question on forecasting during a recession. Forecasting is relatively easier in a boom. As they say the Trend is your friend! But not so during a recession, since we don’t want the trend to be persistent ==> this would result in a worsening economic situation.

We want an inflection point for the drop to stabilize and then we expect a bottoming up and a pick up so we are back on positive trend. However, turning points are difficult to forecast. There was a lot of talk about the V shaped recovery and its challenges for demand planning. The drop was sudden and the demand fell off a cliff. Then the pick up was sudden as well.

Companies had substantial drop in their demand earlier this year but the consequent inventory depletion and the sudden pick up in demand had resulted in businesses scrambling to ramp up production....

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New schedule announced for the Demand Forecasting 2-day Tutorial!
May 6th and 7th, 2010
Boston, MA

Our popular Demand Planning and Forecasting Tutorial is back!

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In this specialized two-day course, we will explain the modeling methodology and process behind accurate demand forecasts and how to effectively use promotional information to arrive at a consensus forecast. The focus will be on demand modeling using statistical techniques, the methodology to perform model diagnostics, forecast accuracy measurement and the process to incorporate market intelligence.

If you are a new demand forecaster or looking to enhance your knowledge of business forecasting, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity!

Get skills you can use at work
We will explain and demonstrate best practices in model selection, illustrate how to use forecast error to improve model quality, and teach you how to reconcile top-down and bottom up forecasts.

Learn from industry experts
Each training day will also include an industry-specific presentation from a senior supply chain manager, one each from HealthCare and Fast Moving fashion products.

Network with peers
You will have ample opportunity to meet, interact, and learn from other demand planning professionals with team challenges and networking exercises.

Add to your credentials
Upon completion of the tutorial, you will be awarded a certificate of completion from Demand Planning LLC, attesting to your newly-acquired skills in Demand Planning and Forecasting.

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» Demand Planning Manager, Milwaukee, WI
» Senior Demand Planner, Portsmouth, NH
» Director of Demand Planning and Inventory Management, Playa Vista, CA

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