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Model Tuning and Usability - SAP IBP,SAP APO, JDA, Oracle Demantra

Usability Consulting helps you leverage the full power of your software application including optimally tuned Statistical Models.  We make the tool usable and fully customized to your planning environment. 

Demand Planning LLC will help you with Model tuning, forecast classification/segmentation, model matching, and Exception management.  This project will finally conclude with a detailed training to your planners and a lab-style modeling session where they will be developing and testing models on their products in a live environment under our supervision.  More on Usability Consulting.......

We offer this service for many leading applications - SAP APO, Oracle Demantra, JDA Manugistics, JDA i2, Logility etc. 

Read more on our Model Tuning service for SAP APO DP

We are continuing to support our clients who have a thriving SAP APO landscape. DPLLC is one of a few boutiques that has capabilities and offerings in SAP APO Read more..

Supply Chain Planning

PlanVida - Where Planning meets Analytics

PlanVida, our best-in-class planning tool takes full advantage of all your data to give you the most reliable demand forecasts. For more details please visit

Sales Forecasting Sales Forecasting

Demand Planning Net offers a unique Sales Forecasting solution that will leverage both
  • Statistical modeling and
  • the customer Intelligence embedded in your sales organization. 

Leverage your POS data, Customer Activity and Account Intelligence to drive better demand forecasts, Sales Plans, Annual Budgets and Financial LEs. 

Our solution will allow you to engage your entire Sales Force in developing a customer based Sales Forecast. 

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Forecast Pro TRAC

Forecast Pro TRAC

Demand Planning LLC partners with Business Forecast Systems to offer you their premier stat modeling tool Forecast PRO TRAC to help you develop a quick process for any industry that will help you roll-out solid baseline forecasts.

If you are a small company, then our customized Forecast PRO solution will provide very quick benefits with a small capital investment.

For a sample implementation, it will be two to five weeks to get your company up and running on a Forecast Pro driven demand planning process. For more information click here.

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Retail Forecasting

Forecasting for CPG/FMCG suppliers

CPG/FMCG companies are faced with a changing retail landscape dominated by a few large retailers – Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Food and Grocery and Drug - and higher uncertainty from consumer preferences and retail promotional policies.

Demand Planning provides application oriented consulting that will set up a Forecasting and Planning Tool and deliver a customized template that will help you hit the ground running in three weeks – just 3 Weeks! 

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