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Our Consultants have developed very effective methodologies for designing and implementing processes for Demand Planning and Management, Inventory Optimization and ensure that your Value Chain is optimized as a Demand Driven Supply Network. We have client experience in Consumer Packaged Goods, HealthCare, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Foods and Beverage, Fashion and Apparel and High Technology Manufacturing.

We have worked with software partners during implementation projects to

  • facilitate mapping the "to-be" process and
  • fast-track the process and technology implementation

Our Consultants can also help you implement industry standard solutions such as SAP APO, Oracle Demand Planning, Manugistics, etc.

1. Solutions Consulting.

Demand Planning.Net has helped customers fast-track implementations of Demand Management and supply chain planning software solutions. Besides the nuts-and-bolts process of configuration and implementation, our consultants have helped clients in leveraging the modeling engine and optimize the solution for the business model. Our recent customer experience has included solutions consulting in SAP APO, Oracle Demand Planning, Manugistics, Demand Solutions etc.

Below are some of our most sought after Offerings

  1. Demand Planning Solution
  2. Advanced Planning Solution

Read about some of our Recent Projects!

2. Demand Management Diagnostic.

The Diagnostic examines the "as-is" process and compares it to the benchmarks and your industry accepted best practices to highlight areas of opportunity. We conduct a rapid diagnostic audit by studying key Performance Measures, build them where necessary, and by interviewing key employees and stakeholders. The deliverable is an ROI analysis for the re-engineering proposition and highlight areas of the supply chain that offer best returns for the effort. Learn more.

3. Exception Management Consulting

Exception management leverages the 80/20 rule. We evaluate the end-to-end chain to capture valuable information clusters that drive the underlying business process.

Through our unique methodology and solution, we help clients institutionalize an exception management mentality to improve focus and create value through the planning process. Through this exception management approach, we have achieved impressive results with major corporate supply chains.

View our Exception Management brochure (PDF)

4. Process Design and Implementation.

We can help you design, develop and implement value-enhancing business processes. Our main practice areas include:

  1. Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting
  2. Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
  3. Supply Chain Metrics Design
  4. Customer Planning Process Design
  5. Inventory Management and Optimization

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