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DemandPlanning.Net, founded in 2001, is provided as an exclusive web resource by Demand Planning, LLC, a Massachusetts company that specializes in Business Process and Strategy consulting.  We help business improve their processes in Demand Forecasting, Demand Management and Sales and Operations Planning.  Based in Woburn, MA, the firm also offers on-site training and executive facilitation in Demand Forecasting, S&OP, CPFR, Market Share forecasting and Inventory Management and Optimization.

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Mark Chockalingam, Ph. D.
Founder and President

Mark Chockalingam specializes in business forecasting, demand planning, quantitative modeling necessary to implement value-enhancing processes. 

Mark has worked across many industry verticals including CPG, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, High-Tech, Retail etc. 

He has helped a variety of companies implement best practices to sharpen complex supply chains and help them be more customer focused. Some of the clients include SAB Miller Coors, Pfizer, Honeywell Aerospace, Eastman Kodak, Au Bon Pain, Abbott Labs, Labatt USA, Coleman Company.  Before starting his consulting career, he has held corporate positions of increasing responsibility with Fedex, Schering-Plough Merck, and Gillette Procter and Gamble.  More...


Principals are Partner level consultants who bring deep business expertise from their corporate and consulting careers.  Every project will be led by a Partner/Principal.  They bring rich project management skills and diverse experience working with many industry verticals. 

Senior Consultants

Our practice features many experienced consultants in Business Forecasting, supply chain management, and business analytics. 

Our Consultants have worked across several industry verticals including  automotive, technology, foodservice, consumer goods, financial services, publishing, healthcare, banking, pharmaceuticals, marine products, and other industry sectors.

Our consulting expertise includes Sales Forecasting, Business Forecasting & Planning, Strategic Forecasting, Budgeting and Integrated Business Planning, Inventory Optimization and Supply Chain Optimization. 

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Demand Planning, LLC.
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Phone:  (781) 995-0685

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